This page is like a journal timeline of my life. It's just a sketchy series of notes and pictures. Thought I would share it.

Born June 12, 1958
second daughter of John and Elizabeth Harlan

Sister Sandra born into family

Vacation at Isle Royal


This year, Trish started elementary school, and I met the kids in Robinhood circle.

I started Harlan Elementary school - kindergarden.
Red Fish toys

first grade
lost a front tooth
Vacation on Isle Roayl

second grade

third grade
Vacation on Isle Roayal
tap dancing

Detroit street riots
fourth grade
Sking at Nub's Nob
Trip to New York

fifth grade
Disneyland trip with folks & grandfolks
Cedar Point

sixth grade
My year to bring Baron (grandma's doberman) back to grandma's house
Started my first gang of friends - Beth Fram, Dana Hillson
Moon Landing
Trip to Niagra Falls

started Derby Junior high school
Collected new gang of friends - Kathy Penninger, Ann Sayers
Out West by car trip
Mount Rushmore
Swim camp

eighth grade
Added Jenny Hammer - the early goth
Summer camp

Ninth grade
Art teacher's pet
Worked on the yearbook staff

Started Seaholm High School
My first real diary starts here
Bruce W - a first boyfriend.

I turned 16.
learned to drive this year. Mom and Dad got 'us' a Green Duster for our first car.
Steve Brewer
dog - skipper
MyJoe on the rocks on Vacation
Bill Spurlock

Read Hobbit and Lord of the Rings - October
went to my first convention - Star Con 4
Vicky Appleton gave me The lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Graduated High School.
Turned 18 in Hawaii
Began Oakland University.

got a computer job at Cogitate
Summer on the boat, but Trish didn't come this year.
Christmas Gift - Dungeons and Dragons game

Bill & I engaged
DarkFawn Begun
Kissed Dave first time in Oct

The Fearsom Foursom
Dave Stein
My hat with Horns
Just Mom & Dad and Me on Vacation this year.

Carrabean Cruise with Aunt Nancy & Uncle Joe.
Scuba Diving Certification
Isle Royal this year for Vacation
Grandmother sold her property

Michicon went to Cobo Hall

Dave and I engaged at the circus.
Key West House in Troy
Callahan - our cat
White Ford Granada
Sandra moved to Houston
Dave's Mom died of Cancer
Chicon 2 - our first Worldcon
met Sandy Schreiber - creation comic com

Got married! Honeymoon at Disneyworld
First Fanzine - Timberlake Sendings - Aug
Emer - our cat

CircleCon Fan Guest of Honor
Fort Fest - became a Queenrider
Got Blitzen

We started Contraption
Bill left Pam
Pam lived in the basement
Coke changes it's formula
Disneyworld with Julia, Rusty, Sandy and Jordan

Boskone's mobbing of Julia - played body guard
Invest in Divine Intervention - Julia's Filk Tape
The Hooded Man - Robin of Sherwood show
Babel con's Zeus year

start doing art for Lan's Lantern
Song of the Merians
Disneyworld Trip - Jordan, Richard, and Heleski
Lurel staying with us?

Grandpa Henninger passed away
Trish got married to Tim
Sending out short stories
Art published in Fandom Directory
Got Puddin
100th Convention

darkfawn fanzine
David's Scuba Diving certification
Bought Stuffed alien doll
Our first Dorsai Thing
Got Andrea Norton's autograph at Noreascon 3
Went to Dragoncon to huck Fort Stuff

Robin Wood moved into the area
Our first BasCon when we saw Phantom of the Opera
Saw Paul McCartney in Concert
Went to help Robin @ GenCon
Joined the Team 'eh
Flight to Windycon with the wrong airport!

Bought a hot tub
Colin & Dora in the basement
Published in Analog
Hugo Best Fan Artist Nomination
Made the Dorsai Flag and presented it in Ka'zoo

Josh Saulnier - RIP
Hugo Best Fan Artist Nomination
Magic Con and Disneyworld - Jordan, Heleski, Gary, Colin, Russ
The Ugly Donnald Duck incident
Dave beanied by the Dorsai Irregulars in Chicago

Pallette of Artists
China Painting
Our 10 year anniversary
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine
Hugo Best Fan Artist Nomination
Grandma Henninger Passed away

Beanied by the Dorsai Irregulars
Darkfawn Gloe painted

Weekender to DisneyWorld
Got my first Franklin Daytimer/ Brain
Chesley Nomination
Lost a bunch of weight
Quite my Harlan Job
Dave and I went to Scottland, England, France (EuroDisney)
Buy the Adams house as Mom and Dad are going to Traverse City

Sabrina Born
GenCon with Heather
Train out to Worldcon in California
Sue's Wedding
Art Guest of Honor - Mile High Con

Took the gang to Disneyworld - March
Tiled the greenhouse myself
Sabrina's first steps July 27
Childtime Daycare for Sabrina - oct

Got a new minivan and had it painted with flames for my 40th birthday
Disney trip
Gaming Brain
Sheeva to Jeanies
Grandma Harlan passed away

Cozumel Mexico
Trish and Sandra in for a visit
Photo Safari

No Y2K, we knew it!
Disneyworld trip - Wildness Resort
Elvis Photo Safari
Rajah & Dutchess
Cedar Point
Harlan Pre-School

Dutchess is a boy!
Skunk kittens!
Trip to Isle Royal with the family
brick walk way in the front of the house
New Gamers - Steve, Scott, Jenna, Steve, Alan
Sabrina is in Kindergarden this year.
Dave quit his job
World Trade Center's destruction 9/11
Crafts for Kindergarden - glitter tags, snowman candy cane holders

Philadelphia for Anthrocon and tourist stuff
Sabrina's first lost tooth
Morel mushrooms and new lillac bushes
Updated the web page
little disk portfolio
Crafts for class 1st grade - butterfly boxes

Jessie Besser Museum show
JoAnn Fabric Job - for a while
The blackout in august
China town in SF
Got my Fletcher Mat Cutter
My Dad's 70th birthday party
Orca whales in Seattle with Tina
Crafts for class 2nd grade - halloween ghost, christmas tree

Painted Computer room
Pet mice
Garage Sale
Disney trip
Baby Mice!
Planted Thimbleberries
Dave's New Job
Adam's Bridge out
Dave's new car
More orca whales
Crafts for class 2nd grade- clothes pin magnet
Crafts for class 3rd grade- greeble gord creatures, snowflake banner

My Sister's Cancer - trip to Denver
Gurth's Story
Color Art Books
Cedar Point with Sandra
Gamer turn-over
The other Adams bridge out
China painting dragon bowls
Henry Ford Museum - Magic of Disney
91 pounds lost!
Crafts for class 3nd grade- Valentine picture holder
Crafts for class 4rd grade- Halloween tree, snow scene

Went to Hell 0n 6/6/6
All the Hamilton books!
Sisters Cedar Point trip
National Aviary
Harlan School torn down
Embroydery Machine and Skeleton Vest
Fawnzine & lulu books
New Van
Sabrina school crafts - skeleton soap & lollypop trees
Fabric Bowls
Jammie Christmas

Alan Bean painting from the K-mart sale
Naiad Kitten from the Zoo
Disneyworld Trip
Surgury, snip snip (twice)
Visit to Wyoming
Trish passed away
Scored a Wii
DarkFawn Fanzine - art
Dunmeyer Oritorical - DF book
Beach and Boat on the last day of summer
Sabrina and Dolly's Fursuite
Harlan School re-opens

DarkFawn - Prophecy Sticks
California trip - Disneyland, Venice beach, Tar pits
Dinner out with Mariachi band
Chicago Trip - many museums
Married 25 years
learned Some Tolkien elvish
DarkFawn to 4e
Turned 50
Sabrina's Birthday party
Cedar Point trip with neices & nephews
Weird Al Concert
Menagery & Apparition color art books
Sugar Gliders
Personal symbol
Stop Ahead sign
Theater - Ave Q
DarkFawn Fawnzine
Fiber Festival
DarkFawn weather page
New Roof

Artist GoH - Confusion
Sabrina's Saturn Video
Normal Rockwell exhibit
Observatory trip
Girls to the house for FCN
Master Illustration Class
Naiad kitty lost in the attic
Talula - our house spider
Trojan on my system
Avedon exhibit
Ribbon Vest
Killed Master Vaster
Afterlife Collapse
DarkFawn Fanzine
Halloween party downtown Pontiac
Van towed!?

Started playing DDO
Saw Craig Furgeson
Had a waterlilly pond
Won Goldfish at Birmingham street fair
Took family to the San Diego Comic Con
Sail Boating and regular boating too
Dutchess' ear infection
Weird Al Concert
IMC again! This time with Acrylic
Sabrina started high school
Field Day
Necklase from the mirror universe me

Donated over 1100 books to the library
Big Cat Preserve
Fossil Run
Imagining the Fantastic conference
Disney with Kevin and Ursula
DF Fawnzine #12
National Aviary - got to pet a penguin
Tidal pools in CA
Ted Talks, Detroit version
Whale watching
Visit Sara's house

D&D game - Dragon Hatching for Brimstone
Cast those Hatching coins
DF Fawnzine #13
Accepted two honors for my Dad from LTU
Got stuck in Hurricane Sandy
Survived the Maian Apocolypse
Worldcon, the Hugos, the Hugo Losers Party
Mucha Exhibit in Iowa
Weird Al Concert
The Melted crayon pic
New Banner
Monteray Aquarium and California beach
Getting some fresh blood at the gaming table
Hanging with so many artist at Specrum Live
Found Donato at a nearby gallery while at Thing

Painted a way cool dragon bird painting
Saw the Winchester House
Got my Smaug statue
Saw Niel Sedaka in concert
30 year anniversary
My silly Pet Society game closes
Lunch with Charles Vess
The year of 2 Whelan pictures (one from Spectrum, one for chistmas)
Saw part of the Meteor that made Meteor Crater
Corn Maze
Bacon Goddess Costume
Got a Crow Doll from Mel
DarkFawn - the Daggerlands & Twyl becomes Death
Seger fixed
3Doodler Bows

Hawaii Trip! Big Island, Maui, Monokini, Oahu
Stop at Vegas
House carpeted and painted
Green's local store closing & sale
Sabrina graduate from High School
Hal died
Made a sphinx book for Sabrina's 18th birthday
IMC again
Sabrina started College
Dino Show at silver dome
Rajah died

African Violet show
Found Mike Grell on my plane to Emerald City Comic Con
extra content for the Anubis book
Weird Al Concert in Windsor
Visited April and Frank in California
Trees on property culled
Kayaking with Sandra
Cleaned Garage
Got my own Kayak
Georgia aquarium
Bloodmoon eclipse
Found Hair tinsel at IlluxCon
Interviewed for D&D documentary
Visited with Judy
New Star Wars movie w/ the gang
Tacky Sweater Contest - which I won

Pffifer Beach adventure and the quicksand
made 644 number my cell phone
Took Smart School, got some great paintings done!
Lost Dutchess
Glass Blowing with Sabrina
Banner for my Campaign!
Knee Injections
Adams Castle Garage sale - indoors
Got Indy
Trip with April to Philly

Disney Trip
Smart School - Donato, Lightning Dragon
MerMay with Sabrina
Tigerdile Streams, 3!
Lugnut's Baseball comic night
Marvelous Marvin's Mechanical Museum
Baby Skunks in the yard
Rick's DF video
Engagement Adventure
Got Zooba
Knee Surgery, fail, start again!
Animation expo with Sabrina
Del Torro exhibit

Becca's Siren book
Dallas Aqaurium
Smart School w Dan
Wierd Al Concert in Ann Arbor
Hero brush display - Dave made
Got Ojo
On Productivity Podcast
Started a Patreon
Pacific Ocean Beach Trip
Puppet Museum
Atlanta Aquarium
Submitted to WoC - a life goal
Extinction Deck
Star Wars Costune exhibit at DIA
Tiny Dragon Book
Elton John Concert
Halloween party at Jim & Rene
Tigerdile Stream - 2 this year
Indy Cancer
Dave's Surprize Birthday party
Sabrina Graduates from CCS
500 Con Book

Mothman museum
Yarn to DI ladies
Indy cured of cancer
Dyed my hair
My Patreon Hyjacked!
Sabrina's Apartment
Helping Jackie Freas
Galaxy's Edge
wove lanyards into ribbon vest
Won a Dick Blick Prize
Niagra Falls
Mucha Exhibit
DarkFawn - extra season, back before the sky broke
Earth Angel picture
Made a wave blanket
Punchcards with dinosaurs!
Giant Food Truck Rally in Detroit

Quarentine from Covid 19
The Broken kitchen and renovation
Gaming over Discord
Figured out streaming online
Protested for Gay Rights in the church
Voted! (Got Anthony registered too)
Finished clearing out Mom & Dad's Condo
All the con's canceled
Lost Dave's Sister Sue
Marvel exhibit at Ford Museum

Stayed home. Wore Mask!

followed the Insurection
Mom Died
Michigan closed up
Dad Died
Executor and Trust things with Miller Canfield
Helped Sabrina find a House
Muppet exhibit at Ford Museum
Cleared Garage
Took Anthony to be Vacinated
Mom & Dad Memorial
Lynn's Kimono sales
Made Pirate Present's Books
Gouache Class on-line
Fossil dragon hatching
Made Adventurer's Inn YouTube Vidoes
Resin Cast dancing skeletons and eyeballs
Disneyworld for the Food & Wine festival

Finished the sweater
Got to Wapakoneta
Profound loss of hearing in one ear - which was recovered
Alex and Jamie's steampunk wedding
Naiad spent one of her 9 lives on a giant absess
Daave's eye blow out
Knee surgery
SDCC without Dave
Plein Aire at the Georgia Aqquarium
Dungeon's and Drag Queens
Family Thanksgiving at John's

Disney trips
  • 68 - Disneyland w/folks & Grandfolks
  • 72 - Opening year w/ folks
  • 77 - w folks
  • 83 - Honeymoon
  • 84 - Disneyland - w/ Steve, Heleski & Sandy
  • 85 - The long drive down
  • 87 - with Richard, Jordan and Heleski
  • 92 - Magicon and the Ugly Donald Duck Inceident
  • 95 - Tomorrowland weekend
  • 95 - EuroDisney
  • 96 - Disneyland with Sabrina / LA Worldcon
  • 97 - The whole Gang
  • 98 - To see the Tile - weekender
  • 00 - Disneyland after Confurence 11
  • 00 - Wilderness Resort
  • 01 - Diana one day Disneyland after Conference 12
  • 04 - All Star Resorts, Fantasia
  • 07 - Campground with the Lambs
  • 07 - visit durring Mike & Dawn's wedding trip
  • 08 - Disneyland durring Thing
  • 10 - Disneyland after SDCC
  • 11 - Disney World with Kevin and Ursula
  • 17 - Disney World - with the Lambs and wheelchair
  • 18 - Galaxy's Edge, wrapped Haunted Mantion
  • 21 - Food & Wine Festival - new Ratatoie ride